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All Requirements

List of all requirements of the product.
Name Short Description Parent
Check all internal links from anchor-tags (href="XYZ") if the link targets "XYZ" are defined. See BrokenCrossReferencesChecker.
HtmlSC can be called from the command line with arguments and options.

HtmlSC can store results in file in configurable directories.

Output can be configured to console or file.
Check all bookmark definitions (… id="XYZ") whether the id’s ("XYZ") are unique. See DuplicateLinkTargetsChecker.
All required dependencies shall be compliant to the CC-SA-4 licence.
HtmlSC can be run as Gradle-plugin.
In image-tags. See MissingImgAltAttributeChecker.

Check externally referenced images for availability.

Check all image tags if the referenced image files exist. See MissingImageFilesChecker.
Either other html-files, pdf’s or similar. See MissingLocalResourcesChecker.

HtmlSC can output results on stdout (the console).

HtmlSC shall read a single (configurable) HTML file.
Check for files in image-directories that are not referenced by any of the HTML files in this run.

Checking output in plaintext and HTML.


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