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Name Short Description Parent
Collects all checking results. Its interface Results is contained in the whitebox description
Facade to the different Checker instances. Provides a (parameter-driven) command-line interface.
abstract class, used in form of the template-pattern. Shall be subclassed for all checking algorithms.
core: html parsing and sanity checking, file handling
a single finding, (e.g. "image 'logo.png' misssing"). Can hold suggestions and (planned for future releases) the responsible html element.
(not documented)
integrates the Gradle build tool with HtmlSC, enabling arbitrary gradle builds to use HtmlSC functionality.
(planned, not implemented)
Encapsulates html parsing, provides methods to search within the (parsed) html.
results for potentially many Html pages/documents.
outputs the collected checking results to configurable destinations, e.g. StdOut or a Html file.
results for a single type of check (e.g. missing-images check)
results for a single page


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