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  • [PDAC-417] - Rendering of Lists in Result Table broken
  • [PDAC-419] - Links in Tour Macro break Table Rendering
  • [PDAC-423] - Blank Space Homepage does not restrict to Child Documents
  • [PDAC-428] - Blank Doctype disguised as Generic Doctype
  • [PDAC-433] - Sort order of Delegate Spaces inverted
  • [PDAC-434] - Tour Macro Renders Style Attribute Value in Body of Table Cell
  • [PDAC-438] - User Template Reset to Default raises Exception
  • [PDAC-439] - Child Page Creation is not indexed or stored in AO

New Feature

  • [PDAC-422] - Subject Homepages
  • [PDAC-424] - Default-only Space Properties
  • [PDAC-425] - Provide Doctype Home for Blank Document Doctype


  • [PDAC-420] - Tour Macro does not understand Plain Text Links
  • [PDAC-421] - Tour Macro should allow to select Document Sections
  • [PDAC-426] - Macro Parameter for CSS Selectors for Content Macros
  • [PDAC-429] - Do not render empty Span for NameList Values
  • [PDAC-430] - Change API: Return Space Property instead of String
  • [PDAC-431] - Render originating Space in Display All Space Properties
  • [PDAC-435] - CSS Face Lifting for Spacing between Headings
  • [PDAC-436] - Add CSS to style Tables generated by Display Table Macro
  • [PDAC-437] - Sort Name List Values by Default
  • [PDAC-440] - Reduce Opacity of No-Docs-Links

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