This project provides utility classes to make writing JUnit tests easier.

The utilities provided are built against JUnit version 4.8.2 and Hamcrest version 1.3.RC2.


This project provides a some theories to test proper implementation of common methods like

  1. equals and hashCode: ObjectTheories
  2. toString: ObjectTheories (assuring that it raises no runtime exception)
  3. compareTo: CompareToTheory
  4. serializability: SerializationTheory


The utilities provided are currently very few.

  1. File utilities to locate file resources on the class path: FileTestUtils
  2. Calendar utilities creating dates: CalendarTestUtils
  3. Running private constructors for code coverage: LangTestUtils

Matcher for Hamcrest

This library also provides some matchers for Hamcrest.

  1. Stream matcher: StreamsEqualContentAs
  2. Reader matcher: ReadsEqualContentAs