projectdoc Toolbox

Adds a property to a document.

Short Name

Adds a property to a document.

Backup your Data!


There is no undo!

It is strongly recommended to run commands only on backed-up instances!

Make a backup of your data before starting to work with this API! Consider to run your experiments on a copy of the production data!

Properties do not track modification date and ETag. Therefore the returned information refers to the enclosing document.

Path Parameter

All path parameters are required to be specified.


The name of the requested property.


The unique identifier of the requested projectdoc document.


 Flag to control whether a new version should be created. If set to false, the document is saved without creating a new version. Defaults to true to create a new version.

The parameter is available since version 1.2.


 The optional comment for the version. If no new version is created, the current comment is overridden.

The parameter is available since version 1.2.


The format of the representation to post to the URL may be XML or JSON.

Here is the basic structure in JSON:

  "name": "",
  "value": "",
  "controls": "",
  "position": "",
  "ref": ""

Only the following position values are allowed:

  1. before - insert the new property before the referenced (ref) property
  2. after- insert the new property after the referenced (ref) property
  3. first - insert the new property at the first position
  4. last - insert the new property at the last position

The ref parameter allows to specify an existing document property. This is relevant if new properties are added relative to an existing property. If the property specified by ref cannot be found, 404 is returned.


The following examples show usage scenarios for this service.

For all examples keep in mind: The name of the property, as well as the document it is part of, is specified in the URL.

Insert a Property Value


Shows how a property is added in front of an existing property (Sort Key in this case).

  "value": "The value of the new property.",
  "position": "before",
  "ref": "Sort Key"

Insert a Property with Controls


Besides setting the value, the controls may also be set.

  "value": "The value of the new property.",
  "controls": "hide",
  "position": "before",
  "ref": "Sort Key"