projectdoc Toolbox

Supports queries on projectdoc documents.


The documents service allows to run queries to fetch document identifiers and information from projectdoc documents.

The result can be requested in different media types.

Media TypeContent TypeExtensionNotes
CSVtext/csv.csvRequires the select parameter to be specified to define the order of columns.
JSONapplication/json.jsonNo special requirements.
application/ the select parameter to be specified to define the order of columns. The file will be written with a filename extension of .csv (since the document is a specialized version of CSV that is recognized with Excel).
XMLapplication/xml.xmlNo special requirements.

Specify the content type with the accept HTTP header or add the extension to the request URL.


The parameters allow to specify a query on projectdoc documents. This is similar to the Display Table Macro, but instead of rendering the result list in a table right in the Confluence page, the REST service returns a representation of the list in the specified media format.


The comma-separated names of properties to select from matching documents.


The comma-separate space keys to select documents from.


A value for this parameter is required. Otherwise a query on all spaces will be executed which is heavily consuming resources.

If you really need to query on all spaces, use the @all keyword.


The constraints to filter documents from selected spaces.

See Search Tips.


The comma-separated list or properties to sort the documents that are part of the result set.


The maximum number of hits. This is the max count of hits in the result set.


Define if properties and/or sections should be expanded. Select from property and section. This parameter refers to the representation returned on the request.

If properties and sections should be expanded, do not use blanks in this value (property,section).


This parameter is supported since Web API version 1.1. Prior to this version the value of this parameter is ignored.


A regular expression to match property names of the documents in the result set. Only properties with matching names will be returned as properties of the documents.

The parameter is available since version 1.1.


The zero-based index of the first hit in the result set to return. Defaults to zero (0).


The maximum number of hits returned. Defaults to ten (10).


While max-hit-count limits the size of the result list, the max-result only limits the size of the expanded documents. Think of max-result as a page size. Move the start-index up by steps of max-result until all documents have been returned.

If start-index and max-result are not specified, all documents of the result set are expanded.


A list of document (aka page) identifiers to return. If empty the query is executed, if non-empty, start-index and max-result define the range of documents whose details are returned.


It is not required to run a query. If the identifiers for the documents to fetch information from is known in advance, simply specify them with the id-list parameter.


Controls how properties are rendered. Valid values are html,value, and storage (default). This parameter refers to the representation returned on the request.

The parameter is available since version 1.1.


Examples on using the get service.

Fetching Document IDs
Specify a query to fetch document IDs. Pass this list of IDs to other service calls (e.g. to patch properties or sections).