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A document that exists by itself. May be composed, but all its parts are closely associated and do not exist without the document.

/ Document / Entity


The following documents are associated with this category.

Name Short Description Doctype
Generic Documents provide information where no other doctype matches.
Glossary items are part of the domain glossary for the project. Glossaries support the team to use terms of the domain consistently in conversations and documentation.
A documentation module is a fragment which is usually transcluded by other documents. The lifetime of a module document is independent of the lifetimes of the documents that reference it.
Quotes relevant for the project. Allows to store the content and metadata to the quote.
Resources are books, webpages, videocasts relevant for the project. Add important information to your project about resources that lie outside the control of your team.
A description of a given topic. A topic may describing or explaining a concept, a task to accomplish or a reference. There are a couple of topic types that set the expectations for the reader. Instances of the topic doctype usually have independent lifetimes from any referencing documents.