Checkout further resources on working with projectdoc.

This is the end of the beginner's hands-on tutorial.

What comes next?

  1. Delve deeper into the basic concepts of projectdoc
  2. Learn about using spaces with projectdoc
  3. Check out existing doctypes; discover, which doctypes suite your requirements or learn how to create your own set of blueprints
  4. Learn about macros in your projectdoc Toolbox

Take a Tour

Or checkout some of our tours:

Name Short Description Audience
Tour through the documentation for users who want to learn to create documents based on projectdoc doctypes.
This is a tour through the documentation for users that want to design their own set of templates or just want to create one or two templates.
Get users started with collecting external information that is relevant for their project. Each piece of information is referenced by a resource document. Excerpts and quotes are used to catch detailed information and make it referenceable.
The list of features of the projectdoc Toolbox on a single page.
More than a short introduction, this tutorial introduces the need-to-know basics to get started with projectdoc.
Overview over the most relevant information for software developers to create their documentation on Confluence with the projectdoc Toolbox.

Browse by Reference

The reference pages give you an overview over configuration and usage options. Especially the overview over the space properties provide an interesting reference of configuration options.

Name Short Description Audience
In addition to the properties specified in the document properties table, projectdoc provides additional properties drawn from Confluence or metadata.
Lists the configuration options for template authors to control page creation.
projectdoc documents are stored in caches for quick access. Users may want to clear one of these caches.
Lists CSS selectors provided by the projectdoc Toolbox to apply styles.
Lists valid controls for properties to be used in document properties tables.
List of macros linking to or transcluding from external information systems.
Lists all services provided by the Web API Extension.
The pages wizards provide placeholder to make page creation easier.
Doctype add-ons provide space and page blueprints based on macros from the projectdoc Toolbox.
Extensions augment the projectdoc Toolbox. Features that are not relevant for all users are separated and may be installed on-demand by customers of the Toolbox.
Lists recognized system properties specified on the command line for starting the Confluence server.
Tips on specifying search queries for Lucene. This also applies to projectdoc's query macros.
Lists the configuration options at space level.
Lists valid controls for properties to be used as space properties.
List of issues encountered with the projectdoc Toolbox and solutions or workarounds to resolve them.


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