We are happy to inform you about a fork of our Buildmetadata Maven Plugin created by Salim Badakhchani at Red Hat!

Salim is working for Release and Configuration Management (Middleware) and has evaluated our plugin for supporting some 300 software projects to collect build metadata.

Reason for the Fork

This is the reason for Salim giving our buildmetadata plugin a try:

We essentially support some 300 software projects which make up the JBoss Community and we help them productize their software for general release. A lot of the work we do focuses on ironing out problems with their builds which largely utilise Maven. To that end we had requests, from the community, to have better build meta data information, about the builds, so as to improve transparency of process and assist with the trouble-shooting effort.

Never one to reinvent the wheel I did some searches and found the smartics buildmetadata-maven-plugin. I quickly set up a project to evaluate the plugin and it produced the information we were looking for, so it seemed logical to productize it for general consumption in the community.

The Fork

You can access Salim's work on GitHub at

He is planning to enhance the documentation and make the plugin as easy to use as possible. If you want to see what's on his list, please refer to the issues page.

The plugin can be accessed via

and may soon be made available via Maven Central. For some corporation development departments accessing this repository may proof easier than that provided by smartics.

smartics' View

The Buildmetadata Maven Plugin is one of our most requested open source projects. So we were happy to hear that Salim also considered the plugin useful to invest into it. We are eager to learn how it performs within the realm of 300+ projects! - And we hope that a large number of committers and contributors get even more productive by the use of this plugin.

But isn't a fork a bad thing? We think not! The fork enables Salim to be in full control of the further development at Red Hat. On the other side at smartics we are also able to try new features without delay. We think that both projects can help and inspire one another.

The Future

At smartics we will continue supporting our own version of the plugin. But we have no immediate plans for new features (like the support of git which is sadly on our list for quite a while :-( ). So having an eye on Salim and his work is highly recommended. ;-)

We wish Salim good luck and hope to have a chance to continue supporting him in his effort!