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Today we released version 3.2 of the projectdoc Toolbox for Confluence!

projectdoc supports agile teams creating and maintaining project documentation. It provides templates and tools to improve the collaboration of team members.

This release provides Supplier Documents and Search Function, plus a collection of new features and fixes. For more details refer to projectdoc Toolbox 3.2 Release Notes.


  • [PDAC-1063] - Tour by Property Fails on Short Description
  • [PDAC-1066] - Duplicate Recursion Detection for is-single-value
  • [PDAC-1068] - Fix Removing empty Elements
  • [PDAC-1069] - Partition Short Description
  • [PDAC-1070] - No Antitokenizing for empty Value
  • [PDAC-1071] - Fragments Cache fails to find Document
  • [PDAC-1072] - Term Search with terms shorter than two Characters
  • [PDAC-1075] - Reference Update fails for Artificial Reference Properties
  • [PDAC-1076] - Wrong Starting Color for Display Table Macro
  • [PDAC-1078] - Label for Name List Macro
  • [PDAC-1083] - Description for Display Property As Image Macro is missing

New Feature

  • [PDAC-971] - Property Supplier for Documents
  • [PDAC-1059] - Search Function Support
  • [PDAC-1064] - Support Remote Control by List Macros
  • [PDAC-1065] - Support script Tags as non-empty
  • [PDAC-1080] - Provide REST Service to fetch single Doctype Info
  • [PDAC-1081] - Count Macro
  • [PDAC-1082] - Count Function for Display Table Select


  • [PDAC-1060] - Decrease Deployment Time of OBR
  • [PDAC-1061] - Generate Artificial Properties for Date Properties
  • [PDAC-1062] - Backend Service: Allow Display Property Macros Multiple References
  • [PDAC-1067] - Support Empty Content-by-Label Macro as empty
  • [PDAC-1073] - Remote and Context Control by Identifier Class
  • [PDAC-1074] - Add Context Control To Text Transclusion, List, and Template List Macro
  • [PDAC-1077] - Remove of Deprecated WebResourceManager
  • [PDAC-1079] - REST API Document without Null Values
  • [PDAC-1084] - Access Doctypes in ids-only mode
  • [PDAC-1085] - Stricter Doctype Test
  • [PDAC-1086] - Child Documents Macro





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