Today we released the Buildmetadata Maven Plugin to Maven Repo 1!

The Buildmetadata Maven Plugin provides properties to the build process. These properties can be used as metadata to be stored with the generated artifacts or can control the build process.

This release contains some small features to access the version number parts as build properties. It also allows to format the timestamp information by a custom pattern.

We use this new information to construct unique version IDs for our Confluence add-ons when we deploy snapshot versions to our different environments.

Release Notes - Buildmetadata Maven Plugin - Version 1.7.0


  • [BMMP-107] - Fix Missing System Property Name

New Feature

  • [BMMP-104] - Add Version Number Properties
  • [BMMP-105] - Add Timestamp Options
  • [BMMP-106] - Include Hours, Minutes, and Seconds in the Full Version





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