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This release provides Supplier Documents and Search Function, plus a collection of new features and fixes.

For more details refer to projectdoc Toolbox 3.2 Release Notes.


  • [PDAC-1063] - Tour by Property Fails on Short Description
  • [PDAC-1066] - Duplicate Recursion Detection for is-single-value
  • [PDAC-1068] - Fix Removing empty Elements
  • [PDAC-1069] - Partition Short Description
  • [PDAC-1070] - No Antitokenizing for empty Value
  • [PDAC-1071] - Fragments Cache fails to find Document
  • [PDAC-1072] - Term Search with terms shorter than two Characters
  • [PDAC-1075] - Reference Update fails for Artificial Reference Properties
  • [PDAC-1076] - Wrong Starting Color for Display Table Macro
  • [PDAC-1078] - Label for Name List Macro
  • [PDAC-1083] - Description for Display Property As Image Macro is missing