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List of spaces to include in downstream searches. Use @all to refer to all spaces.

List of space keys

List of spaces to include in downstream searches. The search space is typically exported. This is useful for project spaces with component spaces. The Display Table Macro and Display List Macro support search spaces.

Use @all to refer to all spaces. Typically search spaces defining no constraints on the search space should not be exported (use space-local).


The Name List Macro does not rely on search spaces. This macro checks the delegate space only.

Since version 1.10 authors may exclude spaces from being added to the search space. Use '!' to remove the space from the closure.

All Spaces, except Test Space A & B

Also since version 1.10 authors may use space labels to include or exclude a set of spaces attached to this label. Use the '#' to select spaces by a space label.

Exclude Spaces labelled with 'test'
@all, !#test
List Test Spaces, but not Test Space A

Since version 1.10 the token @self refers to the own space.


List of spaces to delegate documents on creation to. Also works as a search space for upstream spaces.
Controls, if the delegate space should be used as a search space in case that no search space is explicitly specified.
Search Space for Index Spaces
Define the default search space for index spaces.