projectdoc Toolbox

Screencasts to introduce to the concepts and workings of projectdoc. Users get an impression on how projectdoc works and find information on its concepts.

Level of Experience


We suggest to watch the screencasts in the given order.

 Let the YouTube playlist guide you through all introductional projectdoc screencasts!

The videos are all about 2 minutes in length.


Name Short Description Level of Experience Expected Duration
Start with projectdoc by creating a space with the standard blueprint.
1:30 minutes
A template assists authors in writing documents of a given type. Templates help that documents are similar in structure and therefore are also easier to read by members of the project team. projectdoc only renders table rows and sections, if they actually contain information. This reduces clutter to distract readers.
0:45 minutes
Add roles to your space and set the audience of a topic document to one of the roles.
1:45 minutes
Home and index pages help to organize documents by type. For each doctype there is a homepage and and index page. The homepage shows the central documents that are added to it (immediate children). Index pages list all documents of the space, regardless of their location.
0:45 minutes
The Display Table Macro allows to specify queries on documents. The documents are listed in a tabular form per default. Authors declare the document properties to be displayed in the columns of the table
0:45 minutes
Authors use the Display Table Macro to list documents that match a query. This screencast shows how to add one to a document.
1:30 minutes
Resources describe relevant information for a project. The essential parts are noted to make it easier for finding the most relevant parts quickly. Excerpts allow to add the information as subdocuments.
1:45 minutes
The lifetime of a subdocment is associated with that of its parent. Subdocuments help to organize content within a document by externalizing it. This makes it easier for teams to work on a document together. Referencing parts of the document is also easier.
2:15 minutes
Instead of a table listing the name and properties of the subdocuments, transclude the content into the parent document.
1:30 minutes
Autolist macros allow to display a list of documents dependent on a set of properties. This screencast shows how to use the Display Table macro to select all documents tagged with a given keyword.
2:00 minutes