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Document a version of a product or service.



Version documents, and their subdocuments (typically of document type Metadata), provide information that is specific for a special version of a product or service.

The version information is kept for each version. Reference the current version of the documentation from the space homepage. Please refer to Space Properties Extension (Space Property) for details.

This mechanism allows to import information from a POM and store it in a space. The space provides information for all versions of the product or service and its version specific information is available to all documents. It is not designed to keep multiple versions of document trees. Although this may work for projects with minor variable parts, but may not scale with the number of documents you need for version specifics.


The document type version provides the following properties:


Please note that only information about specific properties is provided here. Common document property used by all document types are documented by Document Properties.

A hidden property to store the logo of the project to be transcluded using the Display Document Property Macro.


A hidden property that references all Metadata documents that are children to this Version document.

The space properties can be easily defined to include all document properties of a Version document and all its Metadata documents. See Space Properties Extension (Space Property) for more information.



A description of the version.


A list of Metadata documents that provide space properties for this version.


Lists the reports that are attached as children to this version document and are not of type Metadata.


These are internal notes that are usually not exported and only visible to team members with write access.

But this is not a safe place to store sensible information. It is just a convenience for the reader to not be bothered with notes stored here for the authors for later use. The security level is about suppressing the representation by a CSS style. Therefore consider this as a convenience for the reader, not as a security tool.


The text of notes sections is also indexed.


For a document the references section contains pointers to resources that prove the statements of the document.

Often these proofs are not easily distinguishable from further information. In this case you may want to skip the reference section in favour for the resource list.


For further information please refer to References and Resources.


The resources section provides references to further information to the topic of the document.

This may be information on the internet provided by the resource or information in the team's information systems. Anything the reader of the resource might want to know, may be listed here.


For further information please refer to References and Resources.



If the version document is created from a Maven POM file, the generation process will create a Metadata document with that POM's information. The POM file will be attached as a JSON document to that Metadata document.


There is a slight difference between specifying the POM via URL or G:A:V (groupId:artifactId:version):

URLThe POM file is stored in a temporary folder and then resolved. Only dependent artifacts end up in the local artifact repository.
G:A:VThe POM file is resolved within the Maven environment. Every artifact ends up in the local artifact repository.

Therefore using an URL to a POM file is only recommended if you do not want to add this file to the repository.


To use the POM feature, the Maven Extension has to be installed for the projectdoc Toolbox version greater or equal to 1.11. If not, the POM Reference input field is disabled.


Version documents do not provide a separate homepage from their index page. This is because subversions are not attached as children to a page. Therefore the contents of a homepage and a index page would be the same. To remove redundancies, the default target for a version document is its index page.

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Metadata documents provide tables of simple key/value pairs. This information can be used as an aspect or as additional space properties to be available for reference on your wiki.


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