projectdoc Toolbox

Tours for the projectdoc Toolbox

Guided tours through topics concerned with creating and maintaining documentation with the projectdoc Toolbox.

Name Short Description Audience
Tour through the documentation for users who want to learn to create documents based on projectdoc doctypes.
This is a tour through the documentation for users that want to design their own set of templates or just want to create one or two templates.
Get users started with collecting external information that is relevant for their project. Each piece of information is referenced by a resource document. Excerpts and quotes are used to catch detailed information and make it referenceable.
More than a short introduction, this tutorial introduces the need-to-know basics to get started with projectdoc.
Overview over the most relevant information for software developers to create their documentation on Confluence with the projectdoc Toolbox.

Related Documentation

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The quotes on the projectdoc home page may get you to the right mood on designing your documentation.