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A list of articles that provide information on design principles and conventions of projectdoc.

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Artificial Properties
In addition to the properties specified in the document properties table, projectdoc provides additional properties drawn from Confluence or metadata.
Support for users of projectdoc macros to select from a range of valid values.
Autoconvert Information System URIs
Introduction to the autoconvert feature for URIs to external systems.
Auto Increment in Title
Prefix the title with an automatically incremented identifier.
Basic Concepts and Conventions for projectdoc
Concepts central to projectdoc. Things users have to understand to get the most out of using projectdoc.
Blueprint Properties
Lists the configuration options for template authors to control page creation.
Cache Refresh Actions
projectdoc documents are stored in caches for quick access. Users may want to clear one of these caches.
Categories of Information System Macros
Overview over the different categories of macros that are part of the Information Systems Extension.
Category Trees
Download JSON documents to create category trees.
Compare with built-in Features
Compare the features provided by the projectdoc Toolbox with features that come with Confluence out-of-the-box.
Context Provider
The main purpose of content providers is to add additional context entries for the blueprints provided by an add-on. projectdoc defines a number of context providers to be used by add-on developers.
CSS Styles
Lists CSS selectors provided by the projectdoc Toolbox to apply styles.
Definition List Macro in Action
Screencast to show how the Definition List Macro is used to create definition lists in Confluence.
Doctypes Introduction
A gentle introduction to page blueprints provided by doctype add-ons. The page blueprints are grouped semantically to make it easier for users to build a conceptual mind map for them.
Doctypes Overview
List of all doctypes provided by add-ons. Provides an overview over doctype IDs and blueprint keys.
Document Property Controls
Lists valid controls for properties to be used in document properties tables.
Evaluation Topics
Provides information about features potential users should consider for their evaluation process on using the projectdoc Toolbox for Confluence.
Export Metadata
Export document properties as metadata to the rendered HTML page.
Fragments Cache for Transclusions
Information on how to use the fragments cache.
Hands-on Tutorial
Get started with the projectdoc Toolbox: learning by doing
Lost in wiki space? Blank-Wikipage-Syndrome? Where to add? How to find? No fun anymore?
Information System Macros
List of macros linking to or transcluding from external information systems.
Installation Guide
Installing the projectdoc Toolbox on Confluence is very easy.
Introduction for new Users
Provides information to get new users of projectdoc get started with projectdoc documents and spaces.
Using projectdoc with a non-supported locale (language) works, but lacks some of its features. This short topic provides some details on this matter.
Lucene Search Fields
Names for fields added to the Lucene search index.
Macros Introduction
This is a gentle introduction to the core macros. The macros are grouped semantically to make it easier for users to build a conceptual mind map for them.
Name Refactorings
A short overview over tools in the projectdoc Toolbox that support authors and information architects to rename elements of their technical documentation.
Page Wizard Placeholder
The pages wizards provide placeholder to make page creation easier.
projectdoc Doctype Add-ons
Doctype add-ons provide space and page blueprints based on macros from the projectdoc Toolbox.
projectdoc Extensions
Extensions augment the projectdoc Toolbox. Features that are not relevant for all users are separated and may be installed on-demand by customers of the Toolbox.
projectdoc in Action
Screencasts to introduce to the concepts and workings of projectdoc. Users get an impression on how projectdoc works and find information on its concepts.
projectdoc System Properties
Lists recognized system properties specified on the command line for starting the Confluence server.
Projects using the projectdoc Toolbox
Lists projects that use the projectdoc Toolbox for their documentation. We include real projects as well as interesting examples.
Properties Update
Properties are not updated transitively. Users may refresh documents via page tools.
Reusing type instances for documents.
Search Tips
Tips on specifying search queries for Lucene. This also applies to projectdoc's query macros.
Space Properties
Lists the configuration options at space level.
Space Property Controls
Lists valid controls for properties to be used as space properties.
Spaces Introduction
Provides a gentle introduction to the concept of spaces using projectdoc.
Space Wizard Parameters
List of parameters to control the context when creating spaces with the projectdoc Toolbox.
Template Variables
List of variables provided in the blueprint context for templates.
List of tips to use Confluence with projectdoc and fun!
Trouble Shooting
List of issues encountered with the projectdoc Toolbox and solutions or workarounds to resolve them.
Use Doctype Name as Border Image
With the doctypeBorderImageServlet and some custom CSS it is possible to render a border image that contains the doctype name of the currently displayed Confluence page.
User Macro Integration
A short introduction to use projectdoc services in the context of velocity to integrate with user macros.
Using projectdoc to document Maven Plugins
We decided to move our documentation from the XDoc format to projectdoc on Confluence. This allows us to update the information independent of the release cycles of the products. Here are some tips on how to use projectdoc for this task.
Variables for Blueprints
The projectdoc Toolbox provides an interface for template authors to replace placeholders with space and context properties.

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