projectdoc Toolbox

Allows to discard list items.

Value Range

Allows to discard empty list items or table rows (empty), items or table rows with no links (no-links), and items or table ropws with links to empty index pages (no-items, anchors with CSS class projectdoc-no-docs) used by the Table Merger Macro. Also filtering is possible on full rows (full: every cell in a row has a non-empty value) or partially filled table rows (partial: at least on cell has an empty value).

The values empty, no-links, no-items, and no-links + no-items are typically used for definition, numbered, and bullet lists.

The values empty, full, and partial are typically used for tables. The value partial only has meaning for tables.

Since 4.5


The values full and partial are supported since version 4.5