projectdoc Toolbox

Merges tables (and lists) into one table (or list).


The macro allows to merge tables from different sources into one table.

Example sources may be the Transclusion Macro transcluding a table or the Display Table Macro.


The current version of the macro only processes tables where the heading is found in the first table row (either inside an HTML thead element or not).


Column Names

List of column names to render.

If blank the columns from the tables are used.


Allows to discard list items or rows.

emptyDiscard empty list items or table rows without cell content.
no-linksDiscard list items or table rows if there is not at least one link.
no-itemsDiscard list items or table rows if link has class projectdoc-no-docs
fullDiscard list items or table rows if fully set (all cells have content).
partialDiscard table rows if there is at least one empty cell.  
is-checkedDiscard list items or table rows if a task list with at least one checked checkbox is found.
is-not-checkedDiscard list items or table rows if a task list with at least one checkbox is found that is not checked.

The values empty, no-links, no-items, and no-links + no-items are typically used for definition, numbered, and bullet lists.

The values empty, full, and partial are typically used for tables. The value partial only has meaning for tables.

The value can be controlled by the space property Table Merger Macro Param Discard. The space property Table Merger override empty Items overrides the macro configuration.

Filter Examples with Discard


For examples please refer to the tip Filter on Table Rows.

Since 2.5


The parameter is available since version 2.5.

New Values


The values full and partial are supported since version 4.5.

The values is-checked and is-not-checked are supported since version 4.6.

Header Translations

Comma-separated list of key list-value pairs to map columns from tables. This allows to rename columns to match.

Format: k1=v1|v2, k2=v3.

In case the column header should be renamed, simply specify the new column name with the Column Names parameter and map the columns of the merged tables here.


If the column on both tables to be merged is "A" but it should be named "X" and the second column "Short Description" should be not renamed, then:

  1. Column Names: X, Short Description
  2. Header Translations: X=A

In case the column to be named "X" is merged from columns named "A" and "B" then:

  1. Column Names: X, Short Description
  2. Header Translations: X=A|B

CSS Class

Set to the table or definition list.

Macro Body

Tables or lists (dl, ul, ol) found in the body of the macro are merged.

Only tables or lists of the same kind are merged. If a collection of one kind is found, collection of other types are not merged. For instance you cannot merge tables with definition lists. If at least one table is found, lists of any kind are not merged.


Some details on using this macro.

Nested Lists

Since lists may be nested, it is important to only use list roots when merging lists. Therefore lists are required to be siblings to be merged successfully. If lists are nested within other containers, the root containers can be marked with projectdoc-table-merger-root to select the contained list.

This is especially useful when the Content Marker Macro is used to make parts of lists only available for users with specified permissions or being members of specified groups.

Since 4.9


This feature is available since version 4.9.

Merging Text Lists

Text lists rendered with the Display Document Property As List Macro may be merged by this macro.

Since 4.11


This feature is available since version 4.11 of the projectdoc Toolbox.

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