projectdoc Toolbox

Defines a strategy for an organization or product.


To define a strategy you need a mission and a vision for your organization or product.

Defining your strategy is the first step in the process to implement your strategy to achieve your goals. You need to isolate extrinsic and intrinsic factors that influence the ability to reach your objectives.

  1. Run a SWOT analysis
  2. Check your strategic options
  3. Make your decisions
  4. Implement your strategy

To work on your strategic options (step 2 and 3) you could use the Decision doctype from the Doctypes for Project Management add-on to define what you are about to decide. Then use the Alternative doctype to attach the multiple options you have. Once you have analyzed your options and made a decision, the Decision document will record this.


The document type strategy provides the following properties:


Please note that only information about specific properties is provided here. Common document property used by all document types are documented by Document Properties.


Specify the type of the strategy to organize them.

Use the Strategy Type to define types of strategies.



Provide an overview over your strategy.


Explain how the qualitative or quantitative goals can be reached.

Consider a SWOT analysis to determine extrinsic and intrinsic factors.

You may use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to define and share your goals.


Describe which major obstacles need to be removed to reach the goals.

Related Doctypes

Strategy Type
Type-specific category for strategies.
Work on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
Strategic Theme
Publish a strategic theme to group objectives and to share them with your colleagues.
Publish an objective to share with your colleagues.
Key Result
Publish key results to achieve in order to pursue an objective to share with your colleagues.