projectdoc Toolbox

Renders the stakeholder rating that is based on the power and interest of a stakeholder in the project.


The macro resolves the star rating defined for power (Power Rating) and interest (Interest Rating). Use the Even Rating Macro to define selectors for these values.

These values are resolved - only if both are specified to indicate how the stakeholder should be involved by the project:

  1. Engage fully
  2. Keep satisfied
  3. Keep informed
  4. Monitor

Note that values of 1 and 2 as well as 3 and 4 are the same for power rating and interest rating. Setting the value not to 1 or 4 just encodes a tendency that is not reflected in the resulting value for engagement.



The document to fetch values for Power Rating and Interest Rating.

If these properties are on the same page as the macro, the value stays empty.


Even Rating
Allows to select a rating from values between one and four. Since there is no middle ground, the selection is either on the lower or on the upper side.
A party that takes interest in a project. The stakeholder is either a real person, an organization or group, or represents a class of individuals, groups or organizations.
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Provides information about the Stakeholder Chart.