projectdoc Toolbox

Provides a gentle introduction to the concept of spaces using projectdoc.


The projectdoc Toolbox is extended by a number of doctype add-ons. These add-ons provide space blueprints, page blueprints, sometimes macros.

Add-ons organize these tools according to a specific theme. There are add-ons for software developers, agile teams, developer diaries, and more.


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Please make sure you have read the Introduction for new Users.

Spaces as a Tool

projectdoc assumes that spaces are created frequently. If you want to delve into a new topic, alone or with your team, it is easy to create a new space to copy all the new information into. After you have found all the information you need, you may then decide whether you want to reorganize your current space, move the most relevant information to another space, or archive the working space. This frees your mind from constantly considering where to place a particular information in an area of knowledge you are not yet familiar with.

The Core Add-on provides two kinds of space blueprints for organizing information:

  1. The workspace is designed to store information as you go and be probably archived at the end of your research.
  2. The topic space is designed to keep information that is relevant for you and your team for a longer period of time.

Workspaces are quick-and-easy and will not require any maintenance. Topic spaces are used to organize information for your team so expect to have time to budget to constantly work on this space. The information in topic spaces needs to be kept up-to-date.

Each of our add-ons for projectdoc typically provide one or more space blueprints. These spaces help teams to organize their information quickly. Spaces are designed to be created and ready to work with.

Tips with Spaces

Check the space wizard of your Confluence installation to find out which space blueprints are installed. Select the one that is most appropriate to you.

If there is none, check how often you will need to create spaces for the type of work at hand. If you assume that you need to create these spaces often and regularly, consider to create a new add-on for your space blueprint.

Consider to start with forking an existing add-on that meets your requirements almost!

Create a Space

A short video that shows how to create a space.


Hands-on Tutorial

Get started with the projectdoc Toolbox: learning by doing
The tutorial shows why and how to create an index space plus how to configure your personal space for projectdoc.

Space Properties
Lists the configuration options at space level.
Using Spaces
A short introduction on using spaces with the projectdoc Toolbox for Confluence.
Search Space for Index Spaces
Define the default search space for index spaces.