projectdoc Toolbox

Stores the regular expression pattern to create a reference to a space properties extension.

A regular expression as a string

Allow to define a pattern to reference a page that is added as an additional source for space properties, space properties extension, at the end of the list.

Example of Usage

The typical usage for this space property is for projectdoc Developers that design space homepages. In order to reference versions, the homepage defines this property with a pattern:

Once the space property project-version is changed, another set of metadata is transcluded as space properties automatically.


Space Properties Extension
Links to documents that contain additional space properties. The order of the references to documents is important. The first location a value for a property is found, defines the value to the property. Later reference cannot override that value.
Space Properties Extension Doctypes
The property that stores the names of doctypes to take as space properties extensions into account, if found as children if the document this property is defined in.