projectdoc Toolbox

Provide information about a service level agreement (SLA).



Describe an agreement between the service provider and service user based on requirements for a given service.


The document type service-level-agreement provides the following properties:


Please note that only information about specific properties is provided here. Common document property used by all document types are documented by Document Properties.


Specify the type of the service level agreement to organize them.

Use the Service Level Agreement Type to define types of service levels agreements.

Contract Start Date

Provide the date the agreement is enforced.

Contract End Date

Provide the date the agreement ends.

Service Level Requirement

Provide a reference to the requirement this agreement is based on.


Derived from the Service Level Requirement, the service that is in focus of this agreement.


Derived from the Service Level Requirement, the value of the quality agreed upon.

User Roles

Derived from the Service Level Requirement, the roles of users of the referenced service.



Describe service level requirement.

Provide information about why the requirements are valid. You may reuse information from the referenced service level. Requirements may address for instance service times, maintenance, availability, or performance.

Business Goal

Describe the business goal that is supported or ensured as long as the service level is fulfilled.

Service Description

Transclude the description of the service from the referenced service level requirement.

Client Responsibilities

Describe the responsibilities of the client.

Provider Responsibilities

Describe the responsibilities of the service provider.


Describe how the fulfillment of the agreement can be measured.

This includes the definition of the indicators and a description of the procedures of how these indicators are measured at which intervals.


Describe how the customer is informed about the actual performance of the service.


Describe the consequences of the service provider failing in this agreement.

Change Management

Provide rules on how change requests for this SLA are conducted.

This may include a reference for a more detailed description that is applied to a set of agreements.


Describe how this agreement may be terminated before the specified end date.

This may include rules for continuing the service in case no end date is specified explicitly.