projectdoc Toolbox

Controls the rendering of transclusion boxes.

Value Range
only-with-edit-permission, never

A transclusion box is a handle, typically only available to users who actually have write access to a page, to quickly jump to the page from which content is transcluded.

The rendering can be controlled via space property render-transclusion-box.

The following values are valid:


The reference box is only rendered, if the user has edit permission. That is the user is an other and benefits from the clue of transcluded content.

The reference box is never rendered. This may proof useful for authors that want to check the appearance without boxes.


Name Short Description
Activates the page fragment cache for a space.
Controls if missing sections should render an error message (false) or just display nothing (true).
Suppresses transclusions when set to 'true' on a space.
Sets the mode for rendering transcluded content in transclusion suppression mode.
Controls the format of the date rendered on the transclusion box.
Controls the rendering of dates on the transclusion box.


More information on transclusion.

Working with Transclusions
Compare the excerpt feature of Confluence with the transclusion feature of the projectdoc Toolbox.
Tools to provide or consume content to support reuse.