projectdoc Toolbox

Lists features of the projectdoc Toolbox according transclusion of text content that is stored on remote information system. Macros to transclude content provided by Confluence out-of-the-box are compared to these features.

This is a comparison between the HTML Include Macro provided by Confluence and macros that are part of the projectdoc Toolbox.

We refer to Confluence 5.9 and the projectdoc Toolbox 1.10 for our discussion.


Please bear in mind that projectdoc is our product - so there we are certainly biased in favour for the version of the projectdoc Toolbox.

Nonetheless we hope that our discussion is fair.

If you think this is not the case, especially if you feel we are lacking knowledge of features in favour of the Confluence macro, please give us a shout! We will check and adjust your issue with our presentation.


The HTML Include Macro is an easy-to-use tool to grab an HTML document and render it on a page.

The Text Snippet Macro is one of the macros provided by the projectdoc Toolbox that allows to grab parts of any text file from a remote server.

The following table lists features that are related to one of the macros discussed, but are implemented by different macros. In this case the macro providing the feature is listed. No extra cost is involved to use the mentioned macros, since all these macros are either part of Confluence or the projectdoc Toolbox Add-on.

FeatureHTML Include MacroText Snippet Macro
Transclude Content based on Line NumbersNOYES
Transclude Content based on Text MarkersNOYES
see prices for more users
No Extra Installation requiredYESNO

Examination in Detail

Compare the features of the macros: have screenshots showing the macros in action!

 Detailed examination on the features