projectdoc Toolbox

Use the Confluence REST API Browser to explore the REST API of the projectdoc Toolbox.


Use the REST API Browser of Confluence to start using the REST API provided by projectdoc.

The browser is accessible via plugins/servlet/restbrowser. For more information please refer to Using the REST API Browser.

Transcluded By

Name Short Description Doctype
Provides access to projectdoc documents via a web API.
Provides services for projectdoc documents via a web API.
Services to access localized information via the I18N services.
Provides services to import information from Maven artifacts into Confluence.
Provides access to projectdoc space properties.
To integrate projectdoc documents with remote systems the projectdoc Toolbox provides a REST API. This API is installed separately with a free extension add-on.
Add-on to extend projectdoc with an API to access on the web.