projectdoc Toolbox

Specifies the prefix for specifying page locations for quotes and cites.


The space property is used by the following projectdoc macros:

  • Cite Macro - Renders a cite to a resource document.
  • External Quote Macro - Renders a quote to an external resource with author and source.
  • Quote Macro - Renders a quote from a resource with author and source.

Related Properties

Quote Macro Render Date with Brackets
Controls the rendering of brackets around the date.
Quote Page Prefix Separate
Signals to insert a non-breaking space between the page location prefix and the actual page location information.
Quote Page Prefix Suppress on Letter
Signals to suppress the adding of the prefix, if the first character of the page location is already a letter. This is useful if the format of citing depends on a language, but there is a default language for the space.