projectdoc Toolbox

Provides information about a person. This includes contact information (important if the person is relevant for the team) or information about the competences (if the person is an author about a topic relevant for the project).

Documentation Type


The person document type serves two purposes:

  1. Provide contact information on stakeholders of the project.
  2. Provide information about authors.

Person documents help to connect this information with documents of other document instances.

You want to keep this documents brief, especially if you store parts of this information in other information systems.


The document type person provides the following properties:


Please note that only information about specific properties is provided here. Common document property used by all document types are documented by Document Properties.

Wiki Page

A reference to the person's homepage in the personal space.

Name Information

The information about the person's name is split into four properties:

  1. Salutation
  2. Given Name
  3. Family Name
  4. Short Name

While the first three are self explanatory, the short name stores the person's short, but identifying name. may be initials, acronym or nick name.

Organization Information

The information about the person's organization is split into properties:

  1. Organization
  2. Department
  3. Job Title

Address Information

Provides properties to specify

  1. Mobile (since version 11.1)
  2. Phone number
  3. Fax
  4. Website
  5. Blog
  6. Email
  7. Instant Messanger
  8. Twitter
  9. LinkedIn
  10. Xing
  11. Postal Address
    1. Street
    2. Code
    3. Place of Residence
    4. Country

The phone and fax information is split into stem and extension. This allows to reference a companies base number and simply add the phone extension.

Image URL

The URL to an image. May be a plain URL or a link that points to an image.

Typically the URL is used to fetch the image and render it using the Display Document Property As Image Macro.



Allows to add information about the person that is relevant for the project.


Usually of no use, but there for conformity with other document types that provide child documents.

Project Participations

In case the person is part of multiple projects, these projects are references here in form of stakeholders.


A list of resources this person is author of. Allows to find all resources relevant for the project provided by the given person.


A list of remarkable quotes by the given person.


Automatic list of meetings the person participated.

Since 11.1


The section is available since version 1.11 of the Core Doctypes.


List of documents where the person participated.

A participation is defined by adding the person's name to the property Participants.

Since 11.1


The section is available since version 1.11 of the Core Doctypes.


If required, add team-internal notes here.


Usually of no use, but there for conformity with other document types.


May refer to further information provided by or about the person.

Related Doctypes

  • Organization - Information about organizations that take a part in the project. You may collect common information here for all persons that belong to an organization, such as address or homepage.
  • Stakeholder - A party that takes interest in a project. The stakeholder is either a real person, an organization or group, or represents a class of individuals, groups or organizations.