projectdoc Toolbox

Renders the property of the parent document, if it has the same doctype.

The Parent Property Macro allows template authors to reference a document property of the parent document. If such a document is moved to another document tree, the referenced parent property is automatically updated.

This macro is especially useful to add the name of the parent document to the properties table to be printed.


The macro provides the following properties.

Property Name

The name of the property in the parent document to references.

Parent Doctype

The name of the type of the parent document to be actually considered a parent. If the document type differs, the document is considered to have no parent.

If the macro parameter is empty, the parent is required to have the same type as the referencing document.

Since version 2.0 the value may be set to #ANY. In this case any projectdoc document is considered to be a valid parent.

Multiple values must be separated by comma.


Check if the Append Text is actually to be appended. If unchecked, the Append Text is prepended.

Append Text

The text to be appended to the referenced property value.

Default Value

A default value to render, if the document has no parent. Usually this property is left blank.

Prepend Newline

If checked, signals that a newline is to be rendered before the property.

Related macros

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The property references the higher ranked document, typically of the same type as the child document. Usually the parent is a more general form of the child or is in some other ways a structuring instance.
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projectdoc documents typically provide a property named 'Parent Property'. This property refers to a logical parent. This tip shows what this is all about.
Controls the generation of the document title by adding the parent document's title in any case.
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