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Renders an image generated from an Enterprise Architect diagram, transcluded from a server.


Renders an image generated from an Enterprise Architect diagram, transcluded from a server.

The space property url-ea defines the location of images exported from an Enterprise Architect model (EAP file). Once this space property is defined, the generated image can be referenced easily by copying the GUID of the desired diagram to the EA ID of this macro. The macro then generates the image tag to transclude the image.


This export may be integrated into a Maven build process by the use of the smartics Enterprise Architect Maven Plugin.


Since projectdoc Toolbox version 1.11 this macro is part of the Information Systems Extension. Prior to that version the macro has been part of the projectdoc Toolbox.

The Since attribute above refers to the version of the extension, not to the version of the projectdoc Toolbox.


System Identifier

Identifies the connection information via Confluence shortcuts or space properties.

The system identifier is checked at three locations


Typically do not change the system identifier provided by the macro (if one is specified). Keep the default value of 'ea' as long as you do not need to reference multiple server of the same type in one space. Then set the space property to reference the specific server accordingly. This makes it easier to create new links to artifacts since the system identifier need not to be changed.

The search for the system connection information is conducted as follows. Use the URI discovered first to connect to the server.

  1. Check for a space property url-ea
  2. Check for a space property ea
    Only available with projectdoc Toolbox version 1.11 and up!
  3. Check for a space property shortcut-id-ea.
    Lookup the connection information from the shortcut links with the value retrieved from the space property.
  4. Check the shortcut links for a value ea.
  5. Check application navigator for a value ea.

If no value is specified at any of the locations above, the macro renders an error message like this:

In this example for a system macro the referenced, but undefined system, is called test-repo.


The identifier of the Enterprise Architect diagram to transclude.

Copy the identifier for the diagram to transclude directly from your application:


The title attribute to the image.


The alt attribute to the image to show if user decides to not show images.


Scales the image to this width.


Render border around the image.



To create the macro authors may simply paste the URI to a diagram image to the editor.

All is needed is a configuration of the image repository base URI. For more information on this topic, please refer to Autoconvert Information System URIs.

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