projectdoc Toolbox

Add new content to be dynamically listed in existing documents. Create complex property reports with a Select-From-Where syntax. Transclude or link to texts fragments and images locally or on remote servers.

Teams working collaboratively on a project need to share much information. A wiki is quite handy to add and maintain this information. Tag documents, restructure the space. Keeping lists of references would be a time-intensive tasks. Therefore the navigation from one document to related documents need to be done on-the-fly.

Confluence does support such macros. You may list documents by label or some other categories. The projectdoc Toolbox provides macros that give authors access to the Lucene search syntax.

  • Display Table Macro - Lists references to projectdoc documents in a table. Allows to select document properties for columns. Also non-list representations are provided.
  • Display List Macro - Lists references to projectdoc documents in a list. List contain names and optional short descriptions.
  • Transclude Documents Macro - Renders transcluded content fetched from documents of a result set.

Authors may define arbitrary properties for their documents and select on them.

Typically authors use generic organization tools like

Or employ doctype specific types like

Not only may authors render lists by specifying Lucene queries, the instances of these organizational types automatically collect references to documents of their type.


Have a look at the Tags defined for this space as an example.

Authors may even define ancestor search queries. That is you may query for documents with a given category or an ancestor category. Think of roles where you want to list all documents for the testers on your team and also include the documents designed for every team member.


If you are looking for a way to define handcrafted lists, but access the properties of the documents easily, have a look at the Tour Macro and the Display Document Properties Macro.


For more information on automatic linking, please visit:

  • Automatic Lists - Automatic lists are part of every Confluence instance. Especially the Dashboard lists all recent changes automatically. And there are macros to list documents by label and other properties. The projectdoc Toolbox supports queries on any properties defined for your documents. This allows you to provide lists of references to your readers that are relevant in a given context.
  • Search Tips - Tips on specifying search queries for Lucene. This also applies to projectdoc's query macros.
  • Automatic Linking - A synonym for dynamic linking.
  • Finding without Searching - applied! - a blog article on organizing wiki spaces with the projectdoc Toolbox.
  • Navigability - I need better navigation in my Confluence space(s)! How can projectdoc help me?