projectdoc Toolbox

Provides services for projectdoc documents via a web API.


Provides services for projectdoc documents.


The resource provides the following services for projectdoc documents.

For information on how to call these REST services, follow these links (alternatively use the REST API Browser to explore the projectdoc Toolbox API):

Documents Create Facade Service
Creates a new projectdoc document based on a doctype, name, and short description.
CSV Bulk Update Service
Runs a bulk update based on a uploaded file. The information will patch existing files and create new ones.
CSV Update Service
Runs an update on a single projectdoc document based on an uploaded file. The information will patch the existing document or create a new one if the document does not exist.
Document Cleanup
Runs a projectdoc cleanup on the referenced document.

REST API Browser

Use the REST API Browser of Confluence to start using the REST API provided by projectdoc.

The browser is accessible via plugins/servlet/restbrowser. For more information please refer to Using the REST API Browser.

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