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Identifies the type of the document.


The doctype identifies the type of the document.

The property value is required to be text only. No macros are allowed.

Since 4.2


Since version 4.2 the doctype may be specified by the Doctype Parameter of the Document Properties Marker Macro.

There is a special document type called 'generic' that has this minimal set of properties and section. Usually the Documentation Architect defines a new document type, if a special kind of information is important and should be stored in its on structure. This will makes it easy for the team to keep these documents together and easily findable.

A document that is based on a doctype is called a document instance.

The doctype usually helps to select documents in queries and for the reader's orientation within the wiki.


For further information please refer to Document Types and Templates.


Doctypes Overview
List of all doctypes provided by add-ons. Provides an overview over doctype IDs and blueprint keys.