projectdoc Toolbox

Information for customers about how their data will be used when deciding whether to install the projectdoc Toolbox.

This privacy policy describes how the projectdoc Toolbox installed on Confluence servers (on-premise) handle personal information and data.


The projectdoc Toolbox for Confluence may be used to display information on a web page or provide APIs to allow users to make such information available to other servers. No such information is disclosed by installing this apps without further configuration by administrators (e.g. space or page access rights) or users of this app.

This policy also covers all doctype add-ons and extensions for the projectdoc Toolbox developed by smartics.

For a more detailed information regarding all our services, please refer to Data Privacy Protection.

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Personal Information

The projectdoc Toolbox does not collect personal information.

No personal information available on the server is shared with third parties by this app.


The projectdoc Toolbox does not collect or disclose any data on your server.