projectdoc Toolbox

Tools from the projectdoc Toolbox to import from and export to other information systems.

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15 min

Stakeholders need to use the tools they get there work done most productively. Therefore there is no one tool to rule them all. On the other hand stakeholders need to exchange information via a common gateway - the information hub . A wiki or a collaboration platform like Confluence is such a hub.

Single Point of Access


In the context of Agile Documentation we call this practice to introduce an information hub Single Point of Access.

This short tip shows how macros from the projectdoc Toolbox support teams to make information accessible from the hub.

  1. Transclude information from other information systems using the Information Systems Extension
  2. Export information to Confluence and import from it via the Web API Extension.
  3. Attach properties files to projectdoc documents.


You need have installed the Information Systems Extension and the Web API Extension on top of the projectdoc Toolbox on your Confluence server.

It is also recommended to install the Core Doctypes Add-on.


All extensions and doctype add-ons for the projectdoc Toolbox are free of charge. Confluence and the projectdoc Toolbox are software with commercial licenses.

All add-ons are available on the Atlassian Marketplace!

Information Systems

The Information Systems Extension connects to remote servers and transcludes information into Confluence pages. Content to transclude may be text or images. The extension provides also macros to make linking information quite easy.

The projectdoc Toolbox is also intended for software development teams in a moving development environment, where servers change from time to time. Therefore the extension allows to set the root URL for each server as a space property. In case the server got a new address, only this base URL needs to be changed.

The extension provides the following macros to link and transclude information from remote servers.

Enterprise Architect Image Link Macro
Renders an image generated from an Enterprise Architect diagram, transcluded from a server.
HTML Snippet Macro
Transclude HTML content from a remote server.
Javadoc Link Macro
Links API documentation pages for Java elements.
Nexus Link Macro
Renders a link to an artifact stored on a Nexus server.
System Image Link Macro
Renders an image transcluded from a remote server.
System Link Macro
Links to a resource on a server.
System Transclusion Macro
Transclude content from a resource from a remote system.
Text Snippet Macro
Transclude text content from a remote server.


The projectdoc Toolbox makes projectdoc documents available using the Web API Extension via a REST API. Information may be easily read from a property or section. The API also allows to change the values of properties and sections.

Document Resource
Provides access to projectdoc documents via a web API.
Document Services Resource
Provides services for projectdoc documents via a web API.
Space Resource
Provides access to projectdoc space properties.

Here are some examples using cURL to access information from projectdoc documents.

REST Login to Confluence with cURL
To access Confluence via its REST API with cURL you typically need to authenticate. Learn how to login with cURL and avoid some common security pitfalls.
Accessing projectdoc Properties with cURL
Learn how to access projectdoc properties via REST API with cURL.



The Bookmarklet Extension allows to create bookmarklets for your browser for tasks you need to execute more often.


Using the Document Properties Supplier Attachment Macro projectdoc documents may make properties specified in properties files available as document properties.

In cases where a remote system has no direct access to the Confluence server, properties may be exported in form of a file and attached to a projectdoc document.


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