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Renders a cite to a resource document.


The Cite Macro helps to render cites of resources in a standard manner. While it is easy within the Confluence wiki to add references to pages, a cite asks for more. You may want to add the title of a book, the authors and the page.

This is the template used by the macro to render cites:

  $[Name] (${Authors}, ${page})



The Resource document to reference. Leave blank, if the citation refers to current resource document.


The template to render the values. If you do not specify a page (refer to 'Source Page'), remove the page from the template.

This is the format of the template:

  $[Name] (${Authors}, ${page})


The text entered with this parameter is rendered as a tooltip. If no tooltip is specified, the short description of the referenced resource document is used as a tooltip.

A blank value (e.g. a single space) will instruct the macro to render no tooltip.

Since 4.5


This parameter is supported since version 4.5.

Since 4.6


Since version 4.6 the tooltip supports templates. It may contain property placeholders (like ${Name} is written by ${Authors})  of the referenced document.

Source Page

The page within the resource the citation points to. Usually this takes the form

  • p. 42
  • p. 23f
  • p. 23ff
  • p. 23-42.

Apply Space Properties

If checked the properties defined by the space of the document this macro is part of are applied as defaults.

Since these values are defaults they will only apply, if no document properties match.

Since 4.13


This parameter is available since version 4.13.

Default Value

The default value to render, if the template resolves to a blank value.

Usually the default is a blank value. Set it to a non-blank to make sure that a template resolving to nothing is rendered with an alert message.

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