projectdoc Toolbox

Using free bookmarklets in the context of projectdoc.

Bookmarklets allow to add actions on projectdoc documents as bookmarks of a user's browser. Basically they are the glue between the web browser and the projectdoc web API. They allow users of Confluence to design their own actions to show additional information or create new projectdoc document faster and more easily.

This page provides some examples of bookmarklets. All bookmarklets are open source and accessible on Bitbucket.

Free Bookmarklets

List of bookmarklets for the projectdoc Toolbox.

Continue with
Creates a continuation document on the current day in the user's journal based on the document the browser is showing. Support events, todos, and other documents that will be stored on a day document.
Copy Page ID
Copies the page ID of the current Confluence page to the clipboard for later use.
Create Resource
Extracts basic information from a webpage on the Internet and creates a document instance of type resource, person, or organization.
Display Document Properties
Displays the document properties of the projectdoc document currently shown in the browser.
Display Space Properties
Displays the space properties of the projectdoc document's space currently shown in the browser.
Hide projectdoc Tools
Hides blueprints and macros from wizards or autocomplete on the current page.
List Transcluding Documents
Shows the list of documents that transclude content from the current document.



Note that the bookmarklets we present on this page are work-in-progress.

Currently we even refer to the master branch of the bookmark's JavaScript code. This will change in future once we have proper releases for our bookmarks project.

While we use the code in our daily work, your use case may be different. Therefore please check the code and maybe fork the projectdoc Bookmarklets Project to adjust the code according to your requirements.


To use the bookmarklets the projectdoc Toolbox and a number of free extension add-ons and doctype add-ons are required on Confluence server.

Add-on Short Description
The projectdoc Toolbox supports agile teams in writing project documentation collaboratively. This is an introduction to use cases for and features of the projectdoc Toolbox.
Add-on to extend projectdoc with an API to access on the web.
Add-on to extend the Toolkit with Bookmarklets. Allows to execute tools via the browser.
Provides a basic set of doctypes to create agile documentation.

In case users want to document their own bookmarklets and other tools, the following add-ons are recommended.

Add-on Short Description
Document macros, page blueprints, space blueprints, and components of your Confluence add-on.
Add-on to extend the projectdoc Toolbox to integrate remote information systems.

Version 3.1 required


The bookmarklets presented here require version 3.1 of the Bookmarklets Extension.

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