projectdoc Toolbox

Concepts central to projectdoc. Things users have to understand to get the most out of using projectdoc.

Users who want to use projectdoc effectively need to know a few basic concepts.

Document Types and Templates
Document types (or doctypes for short) define a set of properties and sections. Each doctype matches at least one Confluence Page Blueprint. Confluence Page Blueprints are a collection of templates, but often the collection contains only one element.
Document Properties
Properties are metadata that can be added to every projectdoc document. If you require a set of metadata for each instance of a document type, you should write your own doctype.
Document Sections
The main body of a document is divided into sections. Besides the sections defined by a doctype, an author may add any number of additional sections. Sections that are regularly added to a given doctype should be added to the doctype's template.
Name and Title
The purpose and the differences between the name and title property of a doctype.
Writing Short Descriptions
Benefits of and tips on writing short descriptions.
Tagging Documents
Techniques to tag content with arbitrary labels: Tags, Labels, Flags, and Selectors.
Using Sort Keys
Sort keys help to control the sort order of a set of documents. This order seems to come magical for users, since the sort key is usually not displayed. The order establishes a path to a set of documents displayed as a list as the result of a query.
Discussion on whether or not to use more than one heading on level 1.
References and Resources
References are links to information that back up the information in this document. Resources refer to additional information to the topic discussed in the document and related information.
Views on Documents
Switch views on documents dependent on the user's role by setting space properties in the user's homepage.