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The second chapter of the arc42 Template with information on constraints and conventions.


Lists any requirement that constrains software architects in their freedom of design decisions or the development process.

This is the second chapter of the arc42 Template.


The document type swad-section provides the following properties:


Please note that only information about specific properties is provided here. Common document property used by all document types are documented by Document Properties.


The subtype of the document type identifies the document instance within its swad-section doctype.



Provide an overview over the information on this document. Readers may decide on this description if the document contains relevant information to them.


Provide a summary of the documents structure and key points. This is an informative abstract typically of about 100 to 200 words.

Technical Constraints

List all technical constraints in this section. This category covers hardware and software infrastructure, applied technologies (operating systems, middleware, databases, programming languages, ...).

More help to document quality goals in this overview is found on

Using projectdoc


Typically you add documents of type Project Constraint to the homepage of constraints and then reference all technical constrains with the Display Table Macro.

You may also create a Section document and attach this section as a child to this document. Section documents share the lifespan of the parent and are removed with them. If you use a section document, the requirement overview may be easier to reference if requested. The document can be edited independently of other information. Typically is depends on the amount of information specified, if a separate document is advisable.

Organizational Constraints

List all organizational, structural, and resource-related constraints. This category also covers standards and legal constraints that you must comply with.

More help to document quality goals in this overview is found on .

Using projectdoc

Use the Project Constraint similar as shown for the technical constraints. Use the constraint type to select in your query.


List all conventions that are relevant for the development of your software architecture.

More help to document quality goals in this overview is found on .


Currently there is no doctype for conventions publicly available. It will be part of the Doctypes for Teamwork.

You may use the Project Constraint doctype or create your own.


These are internal notes that are usually not exported and only visible to team members with write access.

But this is not a safe place to store sensible information. It is just a convenience for the reader to not be bothered with notes stored here for the authors for later use. The security level is about suppressing the representation by a CSS style. Therefore consider this as a convenience for the reader, not as a security tool.


The text of notes sections is also indexed.


For a document the references section contains pointers to resources that prove the statements of the document.

Often these proofs are not easily distinguishable from further information. In this case you may want to skip the reference section in favour for the resource list.


For further information please refer to References and Resources.


The resources section provides references to further information to the topic of the document.

This may be information on the internet provided by the resource or information in the team's information systems. Anything the reader of the resource might want to know, may be listed here.


For further information please refer to References and Resources.


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arc42 is owned by Dr. Peter Hruschka & Dr. Gernot Starke.