projectdoc Toolbox

Tools to render information based on queries at view-time.


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Name Short Description Doctype
Agile documentation is not another buzzword. There is actually a set of rules to follow which will lead to meaningful documentation. Writing helpful documentation is not easy, but it gets a lot easier with the agile mindset - and with the projectdoc Toolbox.
It is pretty easy to annotate dynamic lists with the projectdoc Toolbox on Confluence.
Lists references to projectdoc documents in a list. List contain names and optional short descriptions.
Lists references to projectdoc documents in a list. List items are defined by templates referencing properties.
Lists references to projectdoc documents in a table. Allows to select document properties for columns. Also non-list representations are provided.
Renders transcluded content fetched from documents of a result set.
Renders a table of index entries.
The Content Marker Macro identifies content that can be displayed using the Display Table Macro. This is a short tip on how to transclude content from a projectdoc document.
Renders transcluded content fetched from documents of a result set.

Property Values

Macros that generate a dynamic list automatically should be used as property values carefully. As long as the property value should be displayed at the time the page is rendered, everything is fine. But since the value rendered at the time of saving the page is set into the Lucene index, searching for this page yields only under certain contexts the required results.


Suppose the Display Table Macro is used as a value for a property in the Document Properties Marker Macro. At the time of saving the page the list shows the rows A and B. On a query on that property with value A, B or A AND B, the page will be part of a result set.

Later on the the page is displayed (but not again saved) and now shows B, C, D. The page will still be on the result set for the query with value A, B or AND B. This is because the Lucene Index is not updated unless the page is saved.

Automatic List

The terms dynamic list and automatic list are synonyms.

The term dynamic value is more general than dynamic list. It is a dynamic list with only one item or may refer to any other tool that generates a value at request time.


Resources related to automatic / dynamic lists.

Automatic Lists
Automatic lists are part of every Confluence instance. Especially the Dashboard lists all recent changes automatically. And there are macros to list documents by label and other properties. The projectdoc Toolbox supports queries on any properties defined for your documents. This allows you to provide lists of references to your readers that are relevant in a given context.
A reference is a directed relation to an entity.
Tools to provide or consume content to support reuse.