Communicate the necessary information on maintaining and using a service of your portfolio.


Service Management (or IT Service Management, ITSM for short) is the view on services for users and customers. While there are systems necessary to run services, the view allows to focus on the needs of customers and users and move the technical aspects, represented by systems in the background. Technical aspects are important and need to be tracked, but at service level this is typically done in terms all stakeholders understand, like service levels. At system level this information may be fine grained. Therefore it is often not feasible to investigate this information and manually craft a report. The large number of systems required to keep services running and the ever growing amount of measurements call for a solution where this data is collected automatically and at least semi-automatically turned into information. 

To include information from remote information systems the projectdoc Toolbox for Confluence provides two extensions to either link and transclude this information at request time (via the Information Systems Extension) or to create documents in the wiki using a REST API (via the Web API Extension).

The projectdoc Toolbox also provides a page blueprints and a space blueprint to create spaces and add service information easily, based on home and index pages. These blueprints are provided with Doctypes for Service Management.


Information Material

The following list of resources provides background information on creating and working with service management based on the projectdoc Toolbox for Confluence.

Doctypes for Service Management
Provides doctypes to document services and systems for IT service management (ITSM).
Hands-on Tutorial
Get started with the projectdoc Toolbox: learning by doing
Doctypes Introduction
A gentle introduction to page blueprints provided by doctype add-ons. The page blueprints are grouped semantically to make it easier for users to build a conceptual mind map for them.
Basic Concepts and Conventions for projectdoc
Concepts central to projectdoc. Things users have to understand to get the most out of using projectdoc.
Home and Index Pages
Home and index pages help to organize documents by type. For each doctype there is a homepage and and index page. The homepage shows the central documents that are added to it (immediate children). Index pages list all documents of the space, regardless of their location.
Information Systems Extension
Add-on to extend the projectdoc Toolbox to integrate remote information systems.
Web API Extension
Add-on to extend projectdoc with an API to access on the web.
Graph Extension
Add-on to extend the projectdoc Toolbox for drawing document graphs.

Related doctype add-ons are

Doctypes for Service Management
Provides doctypes to document services and systems for IT service management (ITSM).
Doctypes for Software Development
Provides doctypes to create documentation in software development projects. The focus is on documenting the architecture of the product, but it includes templates for other software development documentation requirements as well.
Doctypes for V-Modell®XT
Use products (templates) from the V-Modell®XT in your Confluence wiki as blueprints!
Doctypes for Project Management
Provides doctypes for documenting decisions, risks, open issues, and meeting minutes.
Doctypes for Agile Planning
Provides doctypes to collborate with your team. Run iterations and record discoveries that may be of interest at the end of the iteration or for even later reference. Quick notes are more easily added as records to the team's space than to the official documentation tree. Defer the talk to the documentation architect to the end of the iteration (if the discovery is still of interest).


The following doctypes (blueprints with additional metadata based on the projectdoc Toolbox) provided page blueprints to create and maintain a service management documentation.

Resource Short Description Suite Categories
IT Services provide business relevant services for customers.
Systems are part of environments where products are deployed to.
Processes organize activities to create a defined business value.
IT Procedures define procedures for processes.
IT Assets define assets required or produced by processes.
Configuration items (CIs) may be (sub-)systems or components. Whatever may change and needs to be tracked may be documented as a CI.
Work Instructions define procedures for processes. Provide the most detailed information here how tasks are to be executed. This includes best practices.
Defines a role with its responsibilities, tasks and requirements. Roles are incorporated by stakeholders who take interest in the project. The are also used to define the audience for documents.
A party that takes interest in a project. The stakeholder is either a real person, an organization or group, or represents a class of individuals, groups or organizations.


The following macros of the projectdoc Toolbox support creating or working with a service management documentation.

Resource Short Description Categories
Renders a template with property references.
Display / Property
Lists references to projectdoc documents in a table. Allows to select document properties for columns. Also non-list representations are provided.
Display / Query
Renders a predefined list of documents in a table.
Display / Property
Transclude text content from a remote server.
Transclude content from a resource from a remote system.
Renders an image transcluded from a remote server.
Renders an image transcluded from a remote server.