A view on documentation to locate types of documents.

The quadrants make it easy to locate a type of document within the project's documentation space. They help to structure the technical communication needs of the stakeholders.

Finding and authoring documents for software projects is more intuitive.

  • The audience will simply find the information it needs.
  • Authors can concentrate on writing contents without struggling with macro (how to organize documents) and micro (how to organize a single document) structures.

Q2: Project Documentation

The process at work creates a number of documents such as meeting minutes, risk analysis, and iterations.

Documents in this quadrant are the result of using the team's defined way of working together.

Q3: Product Documentation

Provides information about the artifact relevant for users of the system. This includes user documentation and the handbook for the support team.

Documents in this quadrant document how to use the artifacts of the project.

Q1: Process Documentation

The process defined by the team. This includes documentation on roles, stakeholders, qualities, artifacts and so on.

Documents in this quadrant develop the way the team decides to work.

Q4: System Documentation

The internal view on the developed artifacts. This may start with the system's context, include its architecture aspects, decisions and views.

Documents in this quadrant are used to develop the artifacts and explain the quality targets, the context and the structure of the solution.