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Terms defined by Atlassian for the team collaboration platform Confluence.

Confluence is a team collaboration platform to create and maintain documentation. It is basically a wiki, but with rich collaboration features. The projectdoc Toolbox adds more tools to this platform to make documentation even more fun!

Related Terms

The following terms are associated to the Confluence relation:

Custom Property
A property defined by the author or template author on a Confluence page.
Document Type Index Page
Index pages provide views on document instances of a given type.
Describes the inclusion of a fragment of one page into another page. The term transclusion is a synonym for excerpt.
The term is used by Confluence to describe the technique to transclude one or more content fragments from one or more documents.
The Confluence wiki space contains pages. If the page contains the Document Properties Marker Macro, it is a projectdoc document.
Page Blueprint
A page blueprint is a set of page templates with added functionality to help you create, manage and organize content in Confluence more easily.
A tool to organize pages. A space is like a folder that contains Confluence pages.
Space Blueprint
A space blueprints is a tool to help users bootstrap the space creation process. From a dialog users select a space blueprint and create a new space with a basic, blueprint-specific set of pages.
A template is part of a Confluence blueprint.
Wiki Markup
Wiki Markup is a special syntax used in Confluence to describe pages. At specific locations this syntax is the only way to add macros. This is the only use case for this kind of markup in the context of the projectdoc Toolbox.