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  • Auto Increment

A feature of the projectdoc Toolbox to prepend a unique identifier to the title of a page.

The Auto Increment Feature allows to create documents with specified unique identifier. This identifier is added to the front of the page title.

The current value is stored as a Content Property of the parent page.

Auto Increment in Action


The topic Auto Increment in Title provides a couple of videos to see the Auto Increment Feature in action.

Please note that the increment is not calculated in an transaction. Therefore it is possible that two documents are created with the same ID. Such collisions need to be resolved manually.


This feature is available since version 2.6 of the projectdoc Toolbox.


Auto Increment in Title
Prefix the title with an automatically incremented identifier.
Doctype Auto ID Pattern
Specifies the pattern for auto increments for a given doctype.
Auto Identifier
A template variable for an auto-generated identifier.
Auto ID
The automatically generated identifier for a document. The services needs to be configured per doctype with a space property.