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Central Glossary Items

List of central glossary items.

Html element to create →Links. Contain link-targets in the form <a href="link-target">
Cross reference
Link from one part of the document to another part within the same document. A special form of →internal-link, with a →link-target in the same document.
external link
Link to another page or resource at another domain.
Description of a problem found by one →Checker within the →Html Page.
Html Element
HTML pages (documents) are made up by HTML elements, .e.g. <a href="link target">, <img src="image.png"> and others. See the W3-Consortium.
A single chunk of HTML, mostly regarded as a single file. Shall comply to standard HTML syntax. Minimal requirement: Our HTML parser can successfully parse this page. Contains →Html Elements. Also called html document.
Identifier for a specific part of a document, e.g. <h2 id="#someHeader">. Often used to describe →link targets.
internal link
Link to another section of the same page or to another page of the same domain. Also called local link.
Any a reference in the →html page that lets you display or activate another part of this document (internal ink) or another document, image or resource (can be either →internal (local) or →external link). Every link leads from the link source to the link target.
Link Target
The target of any →link, e.g. heading or any other a part of a html document, any internal or external resource (identified by URI). Expressed by →id.
local resource
Local file, either other html files or other filetypes (e.g. pdf, docx).
Run Result
The overall results of checking a number of pages (at least one page).
Single Page Result
A collection of all checks of a single → HTML Page.
Universal Resource Identifier. Defined in RFC-2396. The ultimate source of truth concerning link syntax and semantic.

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