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Renders a section, if the body is not empty. Supports authors to create content, clutter-free rendering without empty sections.

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This macro renders a section with a title and its content. The content is added to the macro's body.

If the content is empty, the section will not be rendered. This macro is an essential element for template authors. The structure of a template for a document type can be defined so that document authors have guidance which information to place where. But as long as no content is provided by the document author, the reader of the document is not distracted by empty sections.



The section title to be rendered. The section title will also be used as an unique identifier of the section within the document.


The title will be normalized to an HTML id attribute value that can be used as an anchor in a reference.

The standard mechanism provided by Confluence is used to calculate this identifier. Basically the identifier is stripped from any spaces. If the identifier is not plain letters, a prefix of "id-" is added to the identifier. This is especially the case, if an identifier does not start with a letter. The generated identifier is conform to HTML 5.

Usually document authors do not have to bother with the structure of the id attribute.


The level of the heading. This will create an HTML header element.

Intro Text

Allows the template author to add a text to introduce the content. Any text added here is considered as not present, if the content is empty. If you are not designing a document template, this attribute is of little use and you will probably add the text to the macro's body.

Extro Text

Like the Intro Text property, but will be rendered after the section's content.


The flag allows to not render the content, if checked. Use this parameter to temporarily hide content from being show to readers.

Ignore Template Buttons

If checked template button macros are regarded as whitespace.

This allows to add a template button to create subordinate pages without rendering the section just because of the button being part of the body.