Today we released version 2.7.0 of the projectdoc Toolbox for Confluence!

projectdoc supports agile teams creating and maintaining project documentation. It provides templates and tools to improve the collaboration of team members.

This release provides new features, improvements for existing features and bugfixes.

Updating of the free doctype add-ons and extension add-ons is recommended.

For more information, please refer to the release notes.

Release Notes - projectdoc Toolbox - Version 2.7.0


  • [PDAC-999] - Allow HTML Elements in Tour Macro
  • [PDAC-1000] - Replacement fails on partial Placeholder Supply
  • [PDAC-1004] - Fix Rendering Issue with HTML IDs
  • [PDAC-1005] - Normalize HTML IDs used in Transclusion
  • [PDAC-1007] - Provide XhtmlContentHandler as Service

New Feature

  • [PDAC-663] - Document Impersonator
  • [PDAC-1006] - Support Services for Document Creation and Placeholder Handling


  • [PDAC-1001] - Add Flags Property to Blank Doctype
  • [PDAC-1002] - Render Problems with the Query in an Error Box
  • [PDAC-1003] - Query Parameters as HTML Data Attributes





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