We released the Apptools Maven Plugin in version 0.10.0!

This plugin for Maven is used to interface with the Universal Plugin Manager's (UPM) REST API to deploy apps (formerly known as add-ons or plugins) to a remote Confluence server. It is a tool for developers to deploy a number of JARs/OBRs to an environment, like development, test, pre-production. The plugin may operate on a single project, handling the artifact of this project, or may be based on a POM project that defines a set of apps to be deployed to different environments.

For more information please visit the tool's website !


To use the new Timestamped Version feature for snapshot versions, consider to use the buildmetadata-maven-plugin with version 1.7.0.

Release Notes - Apptools Maven Plugin - Version 0.10.0


  • [APPMP-8] - Fix 500 on larger Deployments
  • [APPMP-14] - Typo in Name of User Parameter 'apptools.checkWait'
  • [APPMP-15] - Remove dryRun Option from check-configuration
  • [APPMP-19] - Overriding with global Parameters on the Command Line fails
  • [APPMP-20] - Token is fetched in dryRun Mode

New Feature

  • [APPMP-11] - Support for Timestamped Versions


  • [APPMP-9] - Check if App is already deployed
  • [APPMP-10] - Warn if no App is selected
  • [APPMP-16] - Clarify Description of check-configuration
  • [APPMP-17] - Render the active Environment Profile in Check Reports
  • [APPMP-18] - Remove dryRun mode from Check Deployment





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