Today we published a number of projectdoc spaces on our web site. They show how index and attachment spaces play together to provide information for a team space.

The show cases bring together tools from the projectdoc Toolbox for Confluence to bring some of the use cases to life.

The central message for this show cases is this:

  1. Add a new page, 
  2. provide the metadata on that new page, 
  3. and have the navigation adjusted automatically.

This is mainly achieved by the use of the Display Table Macro that selects at request time pages by the metadata that is specified by the Document Properties Marker Macro.

Here is the list of show cases

Show Case Index Space
Index space for show cases.
Show Case Address Book
Show case with a sample of organizations and persons.
Show Case Library
Show case listing resources, including books, articles, and websites.
Show Case Glossary
A show case for a glossary using the projectdoc Toolbox.
Foobar Gadget Generation X
Show case for a product team space with the projectdoc Toolbox.
Learning Center
Show case for tracking team member skills and certification.





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